A Day in the life of a valuer – when values go up.

A great way to start the year as an expert valuer is to step into a little luxury. This time as an expert valuer I had the pleasure of valuing a very rare Ferrari, and they are not that common in my circles!

This beauty was close to its tenth birthday and had travelled a little over a thousand kilometres per year. It seems such a waste, but in my expert valuer opinion she is now worth considerably more than what she was when brand spanking new. A rough guide is the owner has “made” $10 for every kilometre he has driven the car……a good thing it was not used a taxi!

As an expert valuer it is necessary to know this beautiful piece of machinery, a Ferrari 599GTO is one of only 599 globally and a reported 10 in Australia. Sadly in this instance there was not time to take it for a road test, as I had to go off and look at a Holden before it’s too late!