A day in the life of a valuer – smooth travelling, underground!

In my somewhat vast travels in recent times there has been a mining theme, and this post is no different.

This time as an expert valuer, it is a timely reminder that all things underground are required above ground, but almost always more expensive.

This project was to value an underground road grader was not as tricky as the photo may indicate.

As an expert valuer I know there was no point in putting on the protective canopy prior to final commissioning, as the workers were finalising the installation of the flameproof electrical system which is required to work in the flammable coal mining industry.

As an interesting titbit, the flameproof exhaust of this machine operates much like a “bong” where exhaust emissions are filtered through a tank of water to ensure no sparks are released to the underground atmosphere, where a single spark could be catastrophic.

As an expert valuer ascribing these values, I was fully aware the client had his own set of certified wheels and tyres to be installed when he got the fully refurbished machine back, allowing him to make smooth roads underground.