A day in the life of a valuer – more trees!

As an expert valuer I often see what I would call a run on an industry, or an asset class.

This can be due to the industry going through either good times or bad times, as I can be valuing for a financier one day or a liquidator the next.

My most recent post on the Blue Gum, gave me cause to reflect on a recent “run” I have had.

This run has included a range of different machines and locations, but the full vertical of what you can find in the Forestry industry.

As an expert valuer in very recent times I have had to provide values on Feller Bunchers (chop them down), Log Forwarders (move them) and then milling/processing equipment, right down to log splitters for making firewood.

The one thing I can be very sure of, that as an expert valuer I found my thorough knowledge of the way my firewood was harvested, allowed me a warm glow inside as I put it to good use on a cold and wet weekend.