A day in the life of a valuer – more Sleuthing!

When you have been doing something for a while, you have a certain level of confidence in what you do. If something seems a little unusual, there is good reason to do some investigating.

This was an example where on the surface things did not look right.

Having been into literally hundreds of plants in the same industry as this one, it was presented as at the very best, optimistic.

As an expert valuer, and conscious of a likely repercussion on my values and of course fees, I made enquiries of the supplier, knowing prior to the call that I was calling a residential address.

That the phone answered was quite a surprise!

The conversation went nowhere, as the person at the other end could suddenly not speak English!

I also made enquiries of the OEM, from Europe, and was quickly able to confirm all the equipment, which was >10yo, could be replaced new, for less than half the stated amount on the provided invoice.

Needless to say the deal did not go ahead, however my client was grateful of the Expert Valuer advice, and paid my fees, as well as almost certainly dodging a bullet!