A day in the life of a valuer – More Drilling Again!

As an expert valuer, with an open mind you gain experience every time you turn up for work, and an understanding of the assets and their markets.

The drilling market is tracking quite well at the moment and the values of the machinery is also going quite well. As an expert valuer I have to consider not only the cost of the machine, but also demand and the market it is in, along with the purchasing power of the Australian dollar, which at the moment is not great.

Having seen my third drill inside a week, this one being another exploration drill, this time on tracks, for those very hard to get to places, I can educe that the drilling market in all sectors is quite buoyant.

As an expert valuer I can opine that the values are quite strong due to the market activity, and additionally the increasing cost of new equipment.

This one, another Sandvik machine has risen in value over recent times as the demands for machinery escalate in the market.