A Day in the life of a valuer – in a Bear Market!

As an expert valuer, I have been caught up on all the same issues as the entire planet….and like everyone else, I am amazed, saddened, distressed, but resolutely full of hope.

At times like this you see little acts of kindness and goodwill occurring regularly and locally, which does a lot to lift and keep up spirits of all in some small way.

As an expert valuer I am taking extra time to consider the fluctuation (read fall) of the Australian dollar, whilst at the same time a likely shortening of either cash or access to the same, and how it will impact values not only now, but in the future.

I often work from home which is near a school, with literally hundreds of people, many kids walking past daily…..this week it is essentially a ghost town.
I have joined in the Teddy Bear Hunt, dusting off my own “Teddy” who has also recently had his Golden Jubilee, and still faring quite well. Hopefully he can bring a few smiles to passerby.

For us it is business as (un)usual, and we are here to help in any way we can, even if it is just for a chat. Please focus on the positives, and if my Teddy is able to give you a smile, maybe put yours in the window.