A Day in the life of a valuer – a week or so later

One of my recent posts was about some sleuthing…..and providing some real value to all involved. Everyone loves a story with a happy ending.
You may recall as an expert valuer I found a bulldozer that failed the sleuthing test…..and the deal fell apart.

As part of my research I often have contact with dealers and trusted advisers, all very import in the ways of an expert valuer.

On this transaction, and in speaking with a trusted adviser, who not only assisted me in ascribing my expert valuer number, but was also canny enough to advise they had a similar machine in their inventory.

My extended role on this project, was to advise the client that whilst their initial quarry was underwhelming, that I had someone that may be able to assist with a replacement asset.
The happy ending here is that the client not only avoided an asset that was a pig wearing lipstick, the dealer was able to consummate a sale, and the broker and financier were still able to lend the money, and the client got a better machine at the right price, thus a happy ending for everyone!