As an expert valuer Neil has valued almost every type Motor Yacht and boat, ranging from the humble tinnie with an outboard motor, through to the >100’ maxi motor yachts on Sydney Harbour, as well as Sydney to Hobart winners and Blue Water Sailing yachts.

The need for an expert valuer of Marine Vessels is typically for finance purposes, however there can be a need for an expert valuer of motor yachts and boats for other purposes.

These other purpose for an expert valuer of Motor Yachts and Boats includes requirements for taxation, accounting and sadly sometimes in the field of family law an expert valuer of Motor Yachts and Boats is needed for the division of assets.
The types of vessels Neil has provided expert valuer advice on includes;

Luxury Motor Yachts

This market sector is one of the joys for an expert valuer of Luxury Motor Yachts.  In this space size does matter, and quite simply the bigger the better.

Neil has completed valuations of assets in this class for many years.  The joy is often the location, which can be exotic, and a long way from home.

The expert valuer in this space needs to be aware of the builder, and its place in the market, as there can be seismic differences in value for 2 seemingly similar yachts that may be the same age and the same size.

Sailing Boats

As a world class sailing nation there are many vessels in this space that require the opinion of an expert valuer.  This class of asset is typically acquired with cash and not much is required from a valuation perspective unless something goes wrong, and then it really matters.

Expert Valuer advice is can be required when there is a family law matter that requires the division of assets, and in a number of occasions, for the proceeds of crime.

Racing Boats (Sail and Powered)

The life of an expert valuer for racing boats is often very quiet, however there are needs in this space.

There can be needs for an expert valuer when a vessel has a collision, or worse, can loose a keel or an engine.

Whether the racing boat is sail or jet engine powered, there is always scope for the need of an expert valuer.

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