Australia is not the manufacturing powerhouse it once was, with the slow extraction of manufacturing in large scale occurring over the last 30-40 years.

We no longer make cars, clothing and a host of other basic products, however we once did and this was in the formative years of Neil becoming an expert valuer in the manufacturing field.

As the Australian market moved from heavy manufacturing to increasingly lighter and then more specialised, Neil has been at the forefront of these industrial changes in the Australian market, witnessing firsthand the demise of some manufacturing and growth in others, with technology forming a major part of these changes and improvements.


The term engineering covers all types of manufacturing from Mechanical, Steel, Structural, Electrical, Aeronautical, Precision and a host of others, they all have one thing in common.  It is about building and making products with specialist skills.

An expert valuer will know the range of machinery from old manually calibrated lathes, to state of the art 5 axis machining centres, and importantly the use of those assets.

There is a massive depth of markets for this one broad area, and this expert valuer has likely been in every sector at one time or another, providing a level of expertise in this area that is at the forefront of the industry.

Wood Working

This sector of the market has seen massive shrinkage and massive growth.  Over time the local kitchen/joinery shop run by a small family business has contracted to a very small bespoke part of the overall market.

Gone are the old machines with no safety guards, and in has come the state of the art CNC manufacturing cells which optimises the resources and produces assembly ready finished product.

The flat pack industry grew exponentially for some time, however the biggest manufacturers now provide from world class full automated factories with automatic delivery facilities, ensuring 500 room five star hotels and apartment towers have first class fitouts.  The expert valuer has the skills to determine the best brands, market acceptance and life cycles of the assets within.


The plastics industry has 4 broad categories;

  • Raw materials – which is the manufacturing of the virgin raw materials for the moulding process
  • Injection Moulding – the sector of the industry that produces “solid” moulded products
  • Blow Moulding – this sector of the industry produces “hollow” moulded products
  • Recycling – this sector converts used and faulty products into raw materials to then be used in the same manner as virgin raw materials

There is also Rotary and compression moulding as well as thermoforming, where the expert valuer not only knows the difference in the processes, but the machinery and markets for the same.

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