In the recent construction boom there has been a huge number of requirements for Expert Valuer advice for cranes.  Most of this has occurred in the finance sector where operators buy and sell cranes on a very regular basis. Of course in this industry there are numerous incidents where things just don’t work out and cranes can be either damaged or be the cause of damage.

Neil has provided Expert Witness and Expert Valuer advice in numerous cases involving Cranes where things have not gone as planned.

The need for the Expert Valuer comes from every market sector of cranes, from the small 10t city crane to the huge up to 1200t mobile crane, and everything in between.

Mobile Cranes

Neil has provided expert valuer advice on all types of cranes, from the smallest crawler crane through to 1200t mobile cranes across all states of Australia and New Zealand.

The extensive crane range be they mobile or crawler cranes, city or all terrain, understanding the uses and applications are essential to providing advice.  Being able to assist the single crane owner, through to the fleet owner, the need for an expert valuer is always present.

Tower Cranes

The tower crane market sector is one where there has been enormous growth in recent times.  Being able to differentiate the various crane types from Luffing Jib to Hammer heads is a given for anyone that is involved in this industry.

The knowledge of an expert valuer, who can provide advice on the nuances between markets where one type of crane is preferred in one area, over another is invaluable.

Being abreast of the changes in some government areas means some cranes cannot be used at all due to the type of crane, size of the crane, and even down to the type of operating system it has, is all part of the advice you can get from the expert valuer.

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