A Day in the life of a valuer… who needs a Canary

As an expert valuer I have been to many mines above and below ground and have never seen a Canary in use.

With many improvements in technology canaries in mines were made redundant a long time ago.

My task this week as an expert valuer was to assess a “Raise Bore” machine. From above or below the surface this machine drills a small hole (300mm Ø) into the ground, down to the mine tunnel. It then drills or “bores” a large hole (up to 6000mm Ø) back up to the surface. This process is completed for the ventilation of the mine tunnel, and the safety of not only the miners, but also the Canaries!

As the expert valuer my task was to assess the value of the machine, taking into account all its consumable parts and the likelihood of other opportunities for its use in the future.