A day in the life of a valuer – when Covid gives you the Blues!

Like many, I travel a lot, and much of this is typically in a plane. With all that is going on in the aviation industry, I have not been flying, on some of the very few, very expensive flights that are available.

As an expert valuer, my current work requirements has me travelling much more by car, rather than the normal and far more efficient aircraft.

There is some phone coverage on the major routes, but once you get away from towns the coverage can be
sparseā€¦.giving you time to think, listen to the radio and of course take in the scenery.

Having recently travelled down the NSW South Coast a couple of times and seeing the dramatic recovery by Mother Nature from the horrific bush fires, reminds me just how resilient our world is.

This week the road to Wagga Wagga gave me other things to see, and on this particular journey I certainly noticed the trees on the roadside.

As an expert valuer I know all about the machines that cut trees down, and mill them up, but I could only come to the conclusion that this one is a Blue Gum!