A day in the life of a valuer – the underground economy!

With much doom & gloom out there, it’s great to pen a positive note. The picture associated with this post is the only one I am permitted to publish, after being underground in the new Barangaroo Tunnel & Rozelle Interchange.

That I cannot show anything is a shame, as it is truly fascinating.

I spent a day looking at equipment being used in these systems, and there is literally thousands of people digging holes, building structures and the future of part of our city here in Sydney.

Much like ants in size to scale, there is so much activity you have to be fully alert to ensure you don’t get in the way. The operation has hundreds of businesses involved, from the multinational corporate, through to the single owner/operator contractor, all working hard to build us new infrastructure and hopefully a highway out of the mess we are all in with Covid19.

For me, as an expert valuer I can determine that the work being done is priceless to the future of Sydneysiders with new train lines and roads being built, albeit with tolls!

It is crazy that more of this is not being shown to the general public so we can see what a hive of activity we have right under our feet!