A day in the life of a Valuer – More Drilling

As I mentioned in my last post I was underground completing a valuation on a drill. The very next day, some 6 hours drive away as an expert valuer I was looking at another drill…this time above the ground.

This machine is used for exploration drilling, which requires the ability for the carrier to travel to remote places and drill in educated hope that they find something in the ground, whether that be gas, ore, oil, water or any other resource that cannot be readily confirmed that they exist.

As the expert valuer in this instance I noted the truck (carrier) had completed just over 14,000klm but the drill engine had run for close to 19,000 hours. This is typical of assets in this class, as much of the time the truck is stationary for extended periods for the drilling process.

This drill, another Sandvik unit was being acquired to expand the clients fleet, and as the expert valuer I was able to determine that in the buoyant market, the buyer, seller and financier should all be happy with their status in the transaction.